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hi, I’m Asakemi

Welcome to my curated space.

Curatedwithsoul is my little nook on the internet where I highlight bits of my journey as I carefully choose and thoughtfully design a deeply rooted life that glorifies Christ.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve been learning to live with less, focusing on choosing joy and stillness amidst the chaos. I’ve also been intentional about finding beauty in the mundane, enjoying life’s simple pleasures and designing a life that is rooted in simplicity. Ultimately, my goal is to live a Christ-centered lifestyle; embracing minimalism, simpler and slower living. I’m bringing you in closer, sharing the in-betweens of this journey in hopes that it encourages you to do the same.

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How to Read This Blog

You read plenty of blogs and I know this, but I want your time on this blog to be meaningful and edifying. So I want you to read this blog with gentleness and with a lot of grace toward yourself. I want you to read this blog knowing that I am not setting a standard for you to live by. First and foremost, everything I share on this blog stems from a place of Love. I do not expect you to read this blog and feel pressured to be perfect. Instead, I want to show you through this blog that perhaps there's a different way of being and enjoying life- a simpler, more mindful way that truly brings joy.

There is more that I want to tell you about reading this blog.

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I create videos to tell stories around simple everyday moments. I show bits of my simple, slow and minimal lifestyle and also share plant based recipes, what I eat in a day and week and other food stories to encourage mindful and seasonal eating.

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“Minimalism isn’t about removing things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love.”

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Let’s Get Intentional About Simpler Living

A curated and regularly updated posts with resources to help you get started on a more mindful, minimal, slower and simpler living.

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Simple Stories

Join me in building an encouraging and supportive community. I want to share your story on choosing simple and taking steps to simplify. Every little step matters!

Mindful Minimalism

My goal is to encourage you to embrace simpler living and intentional minimalism. I am more than happy to cheer you on and provide one on one support if you need me to.


I enjoy photography, especially product photography! I love helping conscious brands tell their stories visually.

“Travel slow under this desert sun. Stop and rest when you need to. For even in these slower moments boundless grace will find you”- Morgan Nicole Harper.


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